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Cargo Services

With more than 20 years of cargo and freight handling experience, our team of operational leaders is dedicated to overseeing our cargo services business. With extensive experience, attention to detail, flexibility and passion, we are confident in our ability to deliver for our customers. 

Cargo handling
Deliberate Growth
Growing with our customers
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Our dedicated team of operational leaders has slowly grown our cargo services network over the past 20 years, ensuring quality was always at the forefront. Now operating in more than ten locations across the US, the PrimeFlight Cargo team consists of more than 1,000 employees focused on serving our customers around the clock. 

We continue to invest in our teams and equipment with the goal of positioning PrimeFlight Cargo to best support our customers' growing needs. Backed by PrimeFlight's large network of airport locations and wide range of services, we are able to benefit from the focus of our dedicated operational team while drawing from PrimeFlight's resources to ensure we are ready and willing to support our customers where ever they grow. 

Focused on Cargo
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With a dedicated team of cargo leaders, we are able to focus our attention on the unique operational challenges that come with managing large-scale cargo and e-commerce operations. Our team has extensive experience managing all facets of the cargo business and offers: 

  • Passenger Cargo Handling
  • End-to-end E-commerce Cargo & Freight Handling
  • Truck Yard Services
  • Transport Services
  • Charter & Charter Cargo Services
  • Ground Handling 
  • GSE Maintenance
  • And more!
ULD Repair
ULD Repair Services
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PrimeFlight's ULD repair services team operates under a Part 145 certificate and is EASA certified, giving you confidence in our ability to repair, maintain and assemble:

  • Air cargo containers
  • Pallets
  • Nets
  • And any associated accessory equipment

By leveraging our PrimeFlight GSE Maintenance footprint, you can reduce shipping and lost time costs associated  with transporting equipment in need of repair. We can serve your needs where ever they are, guaranteeing the quality and airworthiness of your cargo equipment and assets,  so you can feel confident in your cargo getting to its final destination safely, every time.